New years letter 2019

International Flight Information Service Association

Dear Members, Corporate Members, Honorary Members and friends of IFISA

2018 has come to an end and I look back on a year that has brought IFISA a lot of good things. We are becoming more and more recognized in the various legal bodies and in the PSOs of our colleagues in the ATM environment.

A lot of issues demand our attention on the road to improve safety, capacity, licensing and a harmonized set of service levels provided.

In the European region, Flight Information Service is being discussed on a regular basis. Should there be a dedicated FIS Unit for the en route environment? Is there a danger of overservicing? The AFIS Manual from ICAO should soon be published, and what will that generate once it is.

We are looking at the age of the drones, and I can see no other profession better equipped to integrate the drones in the manned traffic pattern that we know today. We need to be ready for this challenging and exciting future that will be here before we know it.

After the assembly, the Executive Board has elected a treasurer so the board year 2019 consists of:

President                       Mikkel Drescher               

Vice President               Oliver Wessollek             

Treasurer                       Michael Bach Ipsen         

Secretary                       Priscilla Tapia Klapp        

Administrator                Sofi Wadsjö                     

Board members:

Slawomir Balazy                 

Konstantinos Skiadas         

Daniel Klepp                       

Jim Nauss                             

We sent out a letter to all the corporate members due to the change in our membership rules. We will send you an invoice for a gold membership at the start of February unless you decide otherwise and inform us via mail to either our Secretary or Treasurer.

I sincerely hope that you will continue to contribute to the work that IFISA has in the near future, be it in the form of funds or work put into our working groups.

With this, the Executive Board wish you all a very happy New Year

Best regards

Mikkel Drescher

IFISA President

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