FIS En-Route Sweden
Currently Sweden has FIS as an integrated service in ATC sectors. Planning for 1 FIS sector with possibility to open 2 positions manned by Flight Data Operators at ATCC Malmö.
The proposed air space is sector K and L in the south of Sweden, GND – FL95 outside controlled air space.

Sektor K:


Sektor L:

Training for this new category of FIS staff for Sweden is still not determined

FIS service for aerodromes Sweden
The FIS service for aerodromes in Sweden is called AFIS. The AFIS service provided in Sweden is very similar to the service described in the Eurocontrol AFIS manual.

Sweden has 18 AFIS aerodromes
Aerodromes: Arvidsjaur (outside ATC hours of op) – ESNX, Bromma (outside ATC hours of op)- ESSB, Eskilstuna – ESSU, Falköping – ESGK, Gällivare – ESNG, Gävle – ESSK, Hagfors – ESOH, Hemavan – ESUT, Kramfors – ESNK, Lidköping – ESGL, Lycksele – ESNL, Mora – ESKM, Pajala (outside ATC hours of op) – ESUP, Sveg – ESND, Skövde – ESGR, Storuman – ESUD, Torsby – ESST, Vilhelmina – ESNV

Approx nr of AFISO: ca 70

Approx length of AFISO training: 5-6 months.

AFIS in Sweden is provided by 18 different providers usually owned by the local airport or local municipality. The services provided by the AFISOs include the normal FIS and ALRS but also commonly can include; firefighting, check in service, security service, ground handling, airport management and other airport services.

AFISO in Sweden are not joined in any FISO association.




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