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3 thoughts on “Remote towers

  • stig eriksen

    what is considered to be “minimum fram rate” regarding remote tower?
    Norway is currently at 5hz refresh rate….

    • Sofi Wadjso Post author

      At the moment there is no international regulation regarding this. EASA is working on it though. Find it here: https://www.easa.europa.eu/document-library/rulemaking-subjects/technical-requirements-remote-tower-operations. But it seems the regulation will only read that the refresh rate should be sufficient for safe service and it will be up to the NSA (Luftfartstillsynet) to determine what is a safe rate. However it might be interesting to note that SAAB and Kongsberg Defence Systems have chosen totally different approaches to the camera technique. The SAAB systems as many cameras and therefore a quicker refresh rate. I think (but it is only a guesstimate) the SAAB system has a refresh rate about 25 times per second. That does not mean however that that system is better. It depends on the software handling the images and the screens used as well. 5hz itself should not be a bad rate. It all depends so much on the screens, the image and the software that handles the images.