News from ICAO

We have news from ICAO with an update on the new Manual of Aerodrome Information Service.

This is the document is the result of our first president contacting the secretariat of ICAO and the realisation that the only reference material for AFIS was the circular dated 1988.
Over the last 18 months, work has been taking part with countries from across the world taking part, and the result of the work is the manual is now complete!
The manual is due to be signed off by the secretariat in September and published in October in English with other translations to follow in the near future.

Our first president and co-founder of IFISA Paul Brown said “this is fantastic news and it was all down to the foundation of a worldwide association to represent the FISO service that ICAO realised that work was urgently needed to start bring the AFIS service into regulation. A lot of work has been done to date which I am proud to have contributed too, but there is a lot more work required to come in the future, and I hope ICAO keeps the motivation and importance of this work high on the urgency list”

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