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In May we published a challenge to all FISOs to come up with a slogan or motto for IFISA: “We know how FISO’s like a challenge, so here is one for you (which sounds better than this is a competition with no prize!)
IFATCA the International Air Traffic Association has a slogan/motto of “one sky, one voice”, which we obviously know is not factually correct…
Your challenge is to come up with a slogan/motto for IFISA!”

We have discovered that we have had problems reaching all our members via mail so the challenge time is now extended. We would like to have your suggestion before August 15:th. Between August 16:th and August 30:th our members will get to vote for their favorite and the winner will be announced at the 7:th international FISO seminar dinner the 7:th of September. We will attempt to live broadcast on out Facebook site so all can follow the raffling announcement of the winner.

We look forward to reading your submissions to secretary@ifisa.info

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