AFIS in France: mainland
• 57 Airports with AFIS : Albi (LFCI), Amiens (LFAY), Angoulême (LFBU), Arcachon (LFCH), Auch (LFDH), Aurillac (LFLW), Auxerre (LFLA), Belle-Ile (LFEA), Besançon (LFQM), Blois (LFOQ), Bourges (LFLD), Cahors (LFCC), Calais (LFAC), Castres (LFCK), Chalon (LFLH), Cherbourg (LFRC), Cholet (LFOU), Courchevel (LFLJ), Dieppe (LFAB), Dijon Longvic (LFSD), Epinal (LFSG), Gap (LFNA), Ile d’Yeu (LFEY), La Baule (LFRE), La Mole (LFTZ), Lannion (LFRO), La Roche sur Yon (LFRI), Laval (LFOV), Le Castellet (LFMQ), Le Havre (LFOH), Le Mans (LFRM), Le Puy (LFHP), Lezignan (LFMZ), Mende (LFNB), Montbéliard (LFSM), Montluçon (LFBK), Morlaix (LFRU), Moulins (LFHY), Nancy Essey (LFSN), Nevers (LFQG), Niort (LFBN), Orléans (LFOZ), Ouessant (LFEC), Pamiers (LFDJ), Périgueux (LFBX), Quiberon (LFEQ), Reims (LFQA), Roanne (LFLO), Royan (LFCY), St Brieuc (LFRT), Toulouse Francazal (LFBF), Troyes (LFQB), Valence (LFLU), Valenciennes (LFAV), Vannes (LFRV), Vichy (LFLV)
• 10 Airports with AFIS outside ATC : Albert (LFAQ), Angers (LFJR), Brive (LFSL), Chalons (LFOK), Châteauroux Deols (LFLX), Colmar Houssen (LFGA), Dole (LFGJ), Lyon Bron (LFLY), Rochefort (LFDN), Tours (LFOT)
• Total number of AFIS-O : ca. 190

AFIS in France: overseas
• Atlantic Ocean : Miquelon (LFVM), St Barthélémy (TFFJ), St Martin (TFFG)
• Indian Ocean : St Pierre (FMEP)
• Pacific Ocean :
Futuna (NLWF), Wallis (NLWW)
5 in New Caledonia : Ile des Pins (NWWE), Kone (NWWD), Mare (NWWR), Ouvéa (NWWV), Touho (NWWU)
20 in French Polynesia : Arutua (NTGU), Fakavara (NTGF), Hao (NTTO), Hiva Oa (NTMN), Huahine (NTTH), Kaukura (NTGK), Makemo (NTGM), Manihi (NTGI), Mataiva (NTGV), Maupiti (NTTP), Nuku Hiva (NTMD), Raivavae (NTAV), Rangiroa (NTTG), Rurutu (NTAR) Takapoto (NTGT), Tikehau (NTGC), Totegegie (NTGJ), Tubuai (NTAT), Ua Haka (NTMU), Ua Pou (NTMP)
• Base : Arrêté du 16 juillet 2007 modifié

Training :
 Initial : theoretical, examination when completed
 Local : theoretical and OJT (2 to 24 weeks), examination when completed
• Refresher training : at least 6 hours/year
• No specific medical certificate
• AFISO license : validity 3 years. Revalidation by refresher training and number of hours on operational position
• English proficiency : level B1 + specific unit (knowledge of aeronautical vocabulary). Validity 3 years.

AFIS-O provide FIS and Alert service
Traffic : VFR, IFR, general aviation, commercial
• Ranges from 2000 to 49000 movements/year
• Average of 15250 non-commercial and 350 commercial movements per unit per year
Airspace : cylinder radius 3 NM, GND/2000 ft ASFC
No use allowed of goniometer (VDF) or ATS surveillance system (even if available).
No instructions given to pilot (either on ground or in flight), except when relaying an IFR clearance from ATC.
On small airports, AFIS-O can ensure others services : fees, fuel, assistance to crews and passengers,…
Courchevel – Ouessant Cholet


St Barthelemy




FIS in France: organization
• Within FIR above FL115, FIS is carried out by CIV (Flight Information Center), CIV being part of CRNA (Area Control Center)
• Below FL115, when carried out in a SIV (Flight Information Sector), FIS is attached to major airport APP (often with the same frequency) – 47 sectors to covered France
• Below FL115, in areas not included in one SIV, FIS is carried out by CIV (6 sectors : Brest, Paris (3), Marseille (2))
• Evolution : as all airspace above FL115 is now class D, FIS is now carried out by ACC. Within the next few years all airspace below FL115 should be covered by SIV, and CIV shall disappear.

• Initial training : 3 years at the Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile, with alternatively courses, simulator and on-job-training. Examination to be carried out to confirm the successful completion of training.
• refresher training : OJT with an OJTI
• licence : validity 3 years, revalidation by passing a theoretical test and justifying a minimum refresher training
• medical certificate class 3
• english proficiency : minimum ICAO level 4
• FISO are employed by DGAC (french CAA)


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