First corporate member

IFISA welcomes our first provider as an corporate member. DFS the main German provider of ATS services employs 59 FISOs in 3 different units.



IFISA welcomes 4 different types of members. Full, associate, corporate and honorary.

  • Full member – A candidate for election as Full member shall be a body (National association or Union/Trade Union) which represent FISO’s as either its main level of service, or represents FISO’s amongst it’s membership.  In special circumstances, where a Nation has only one unit and has no Association, Union/Trade union, the Executive Committee can grant Full membership to that unit. Should more units be established in that Nation, then IFISA would require full membership criteria to be met.
  • Associate member – A candidate for election as an Associate member shall be a National/International Aviation Authority. Associate membership allows attendance at meetings to observe and participate in discussions, but has no voting rights at IFISA meetings.
  • Corporate Membership – The Executive Board may from time to time, elect to. Corporate Membership from year to year any company, partnership, association or organisation from any country of registration or origin whose activities concern aviation. A Corporate Member may appoint a representative to attend and speak at any General Meeting notice of which it is entitled but shall have no vote.
  • Honorary Membership – the Executive Board may from time to time, elect to Honorary Membership, for period of time as agreed by the executive Board, any person, business of any nationality who by virtue of distinguished service or high position in any part of the world, shall be deemed by the Executive Board to be worthy of that honour.


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