Faroe Islands


• The Faroe Islands has one AFIS aerodrome – Vagar

Vagar Traffic Information Zone
Lateral limits:
A circle, 60 NM radius, center psn N61.57 – W006.37
upper limit: 7.500 ft

lower limit: MSL
Airspace class G*

• RWY length 1799 x 30 meters


Working hours at Vagar AFIS

  • Vagar AFIS opening hours daily various, but is approximately from 0700-2200 LT
  • 1 morningshift, 1 eveningshift and at some days one dayshift (1000 – 1730LT)
    Call duty at night, max. response time 1 hour

• Functions:
Aerodrome Flight Information Service
Flight Information Service
Alerting Service
Obtain clearances for IFR flights
Coordination and hand-over of air traffic
Weather reporting
Offshore operations inside and outside the Vagar Traffic Information Zone (TIZ)
Helicopter flights between 10 heliports in the Faroe Islands
Reporting service (AFTN messages)
Tasks in relation to SAR inside and outside Vagar TIZ
Initiate and issue NOTAM/SNOWTAM
Airport information systems

Heliports on the Faroe Islands


Airline Operators
Airline operator at Vagar Airport: ATLANTIC AIRWAYS and ASA

EKVG procedures
 ILS/LOC 30
 LLZ/DME 12
 Cloud penetration procedure
 RNP-AR (Atlantic Airways, non-publiced)

Required Navigation Performance – Authorization Required

Difference between standard instrument app. and RNP-AR app. (only Atlantic Airways)
In comparison, the RNP approach-Z for RWY 12 via Robur offers the incoming aircraft a more direct routing to RWY in use, and avoidance of turbulence



Operations Yearly
 IFR = 4000
 VFR = 6000

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