Consultation workshop on NPA 2016-09 9

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Today IFISA secretary Sofi will participate in an EASA workshop on the NPA 2016-09 which aims to implement doc 4444 into EU law. The NPA includes lots of new regulation for AFIS. Sofi has been sent to the workshop on behalf of her employer EPN but she promises to take careful notes and report back to all IFSA members as soon as possible.

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9 thoughts on “Consultation workshop on NPA 2016-09

  • Jeff Bell

    Working at an airfield where there are types ranging from small executive jets down to flexwingwing microlights, With concrete and grass runways, I cannot imagine how on erath we could cope without the AFISO choosing the runway, especially when it comes to circuit training flights. We could end up with three different runways in use if it is left to pilot choice ! In my mind, safety is going to be degraded if this goes ahead.

    • Mikkel Skjold Hansen

      Jeff – Integra Aviation Academy is certainly on the same page as you – the big question in our opinion isnt “details” (some call it) like that. The big Q is how do we all together harmonize the function and service AFIS provide. I totally see your point however, Im clappimg my hands – finally AFIS seem to be a ATS UNIT !!

      • Les Dunn

        Mikkel – It would seem that, if I interpret some of Sofi’s comments correctly, that indeed AFIS will become a recognised and regulated part of the ATS family and that is to be applauded. However, it could end up having less control than a UNICOM unit if the Competent National Authority were to grant UNICOM GMC, selection of Runway, etc. etc. I can only see the NPA as a retrograde step as far as the UK AFISOs are concerned and hopefully the Association of UKAFISO will be fighting tooth and nail to ensure there is some derogation to the National Authority to allow some of the control measures already mentioned.

        • Sofi Wadjso Post author

          Hi again Less 🙂 I don’t see a possibility for UNICOM with GMC as GMC is defined as an ATC service by EASA and UNICOM is defined as a “non-ATS Service” by EASA. Therefore I do not see a combination of the two. But of course the rules concerning UNICOM will be national so you never know what the U.K. CAA will allow. If they allow UNICOM with GMC in the U.K. I do believe they will be in trouble with EASA though. I’m sure the U.K. FISO Ass. Is hard at work with this NPA and the impact it will have in the U.K. if introduced as law as written in the NPA.

  • atin s

    good afternoon, i’m atin 21 years old as a student of aeronautical communication in indonesian civil aviation institute, it has been more then two years since i begin to study in this collage. i’m wondering, is there the oppurtunity to study exchange between a state under ICAO for the student who has been studying in the major that related to this IFISA. i just wanna know, how the other country study about flight information service. and how the student would implement what he get in the workspace..
    thanks before. ^^

    • Sofi Wadjso Post author

      Hello and thanks for your comment. FIS is being teached in different ways in different countries. FIS service is provided in very different ways in different countries. You could enroll in FIS training courses in a foreign country. Most schools will however be teaching in their native language and with national FIS regulation. There are a few schools that teach in English so that it is possible to follow the course. One example is one of our members EPN ATS academy in Sweden. They teach international FIS courses based on ICAO doc 4444 and the Eurocontrol AFIS manual. You could enroll in FIS training there if you like. But again it would be international rules witch might not apply in Indonesia. Is it a full course you were looking for or some type of study-visit or something else perhaps?