A message from the president

22nd September 2017

Dear Members of IFISA, friends and colleagues,
Since the immensely successful FISO seminar in Warsaw, I have personally had some significant changes in my personal circumstances, both with work and family.
I am in the process of leaving my current employers here in the UK, who have been nothing but supportive of my work with IFISA.
Due to the family health issues and the job change, I have taken the VERY difficult decision to stand down from the IFISA board/Presidency with immediate effect.
The Executive Board have my sincere thanks for the support given to me over the last three years (all of it voluntary and unpaid) since I started the IFISA project three years ago, and I am leaving you in there very capable hands.
I fully intend to be in Norway for the 2018 seminar, and look forward to keeping in touch on my personal Facebook.
But for now, it’s goodbye from me, and I thank you all for your support, and hope you will put your combined weight behind the rest of the IFISA executive board in the future.
My best wishes to you all
Paul Brown
Former President


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