IFISA supports the press release below. This is not the way forward, it is a dangerous road inhibiting the aviation […]

IFISA supports IFATCA and ECA

By invitation from our partner association IFATCA to the European Regional Meeting on 10th to 12th October, IFISA President Mikkel […]

IFATCA ERM 2018 Summary

Presentations from the 9:th IFISA FISO seminar in Bodö, Norway, will be available on this website for everyone to view. […]

Seminar presentations

The 2018 IFISA assembly meeting is now over. The new IFISA executive board consists of: president Mikkel Dresher (Denmark), Vice […]

New executive board

We have news from ICAO with an update on the new Manual of Aerodrome Information Service. This is the document […]

News from ICAO