Our members

Types of members

IFISA has 3 different member categories:

Full Membership

Full Membership may be granted to any national Association that represents FISO’s amongst its membership. The members consist of the national Associations and any other suitable persons as determined by the affiliated Association of the respective country. All national members of a member Association shall be considered simultaneously as individual members of IFISA. Member Associations shall function as collective members of IFISA. In national respect, they will act independently. Each member Association, however, and its individual members shall abstain from any action detrimental to the common interest of the profession, to its honour and public recognition.

In special circumstances, where a Nation has only one FIS-unit without meeting the criteria of an Association, the Executive Committee can grant Full Membership to that unit. Should more units be established in that Nation, then IFISA would require full membership criteria to be met.

Honorary Membership

Honorary membership may be conferred by proposal of the Executive Board to any organisation who work closely with the profession and is deemed by the Executive Board to be worthy of that honour. The status of Honorary Associate Member may be conferred or revoked by a majority vote at Assemblies. Honorary Associate does not pay fee or annual subscription.

Corporate Membership

IFISA will be empowered to invite suitable organisations to become corporate members of IFISA to assist in consideration of matters in which IFISA may become involved. Corporate members are invited to attend meetings of the Assembly and other committees of IFISA as observers. If entitled representatives of Corporate Members may speak at the Assembly but would have no voting rights.

IFISA members

Full members:

ao Angola: ATAICMA – Associação dos Técnicos Angolanos de Informação Comunicação e Manutenção Aeronáutica  ataicma

ca Canada: Air Traffic Specialists Association of Canada  FSS_Logo261X146_transparent

cl Chile: Técnico en servicios de vuelo DGAC-Chile 12286073_10156213250920414_502494622_n

dk Denmark: FADFA – Foreningen af danske flyvelederassistenter, Association of Danish Air Traffic Controller Assistants.

de Germany: Gewerkschaft der Flugsicherung e. V. logo_xs

gr Greece: PanHellenic Union οf Licensed Aeronautical Telecommunication Officers sfragida

2000px-Flag_of_Greenland.svgGreenland: Radiotelegrafistforeningen af 1917  raf6a

id Indonesia: Indonesia Aeronautical Communication Association (IACA) Picture1

no Norway: Delta Luftfart   14264088_1316043308435683_293899206273425562_n

noNorway: NTL Luftfarten  168272_132198713509714_2264009_n

pe Peru: AFISO Peru

pl  Poland: Polish Flight Information Service Trade Union (ZZ FIS)

pl Poland: AFISO.pl     

ch  Switzerland: AFIS Engadin Airport  engadin-airport

gb UK: Association of UK Flight Information Service Officers (AUKFISO)  FISO_FINAL_1

gb UK: Guild of Air traffic Controllers gatco-large

 USA: National Air Traffic Controllers Association 


Associate members:

gr Greece: Hellenic CAA  logo-ypa


Corporate members:


dk Denmark: Integra aviation academy  integra

dk Denmark: Hans Christian Andersen HCA Airport 

 France: EDEIS Management 


de Germany: DFS  dfs

pl Poland: PANSA   IMG_4409

se Sweden: ACR – Aviation Capacity Resources AB logo_padded3_t

 Thailand: Aeronautical Radio of Thailand (AEROTHAI) 

gb UK:  Global ATS global

gb UK: Phoenix Recording System 


Honorary members:

Entry Point North AB, global ATM academy  1720402


You can find out what the different type of membership means by reading our rules.