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around the first AFIS airport in Switzerland





The highest Airport in Europe

Field Elevation : 5600ft / 1707m
Facts and figures:
• Created as a military airfield in 1938
• Located near St. Moritz

• Operating hours
• Open 365 days
• Summer:
• Winter: 08.00 – 19.00 lcl , 08.00 – Sunset +30 lcl
• Engadin Airport is an ICAO certified airport.
• Personnel
• 30 employees, including part-time employees Airport


• Providing AFIS since 2007
• Only VFR traffic; No radar available


• Approximately 16.000 movements per year (most in the winter season)
• Up to 200 movements per

• Mixed traffic: Balloon, Glider, Ultralight, Piston, Helicopter, Jets


• Largest aircraft: B737, Global Express, A319, A320


• One of the most exciting alpine gliding locations in Europe


• Planespotter’s paradise



Planespotter video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T80KZxOh9Nw

The Flight Information Zone (FIZ)


AD layout
• RWY: 03/21 Asphalt
• 1’800m x 40m

The tower


 AFIS service
Engadin Airport is the only airport in Switzerland certified as an air navigation service provider.

AFIS Crew:
8 AFISO (3x 100%, 2 x 50%, 1x 30%, 2x freelancer)
• Duties
• Winter
Three AFISO’s per day (from 07:30 lcl until sunset +30)
• Summer
Two AFISO’s per day ( 1st from 07:30 until 17:30 lcl, 2nd from 09:00 until 19:00LT)

FISO – Training and Education:
In collaboration with Skyguide Trainingscenter Approx length of AFISO training: Total 20 weeks Training period for an OJT in Samedan depends on the traffic density.

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