IFISA Launches Licensing working group

During the 2017 IFISA Seminar it was decided to establish working group dedicated to FISO licensing.

The main purpose of setting up a Working Group:

To determine whether, according to the IFISA members, the standardization of requirements for FISO / AFISO licensing by rulemaking organizations as ICAO / EASA is needed.

Additional goals:

  • Identification of the limitations and risks resulting from the harmonization of FISO/AFISO certification rules.
  • Identification of the benefits of harmonizing FISO/AFISO certification rules.
  • Specification of the optimum certificate name (license, qualification certificate, etc)
  • Determination if medical certificate is necessary to obtain FISO/AFISO certification.
  • Determination of optimal training process and scope for certification of FISO/AFISO (Basic training, Rating, Endorsement training)
  • Determination if language proficiency endorsement is necessary to obtain FISO/AFISO certification.
  • Determination if unit competence scheme is required to maintain FISO/AFISO certification (minimum number of hours, endorsement exercised period, assessment of competence).
  • Determination if Continuation training is required to maintain FISO/AFISO certification.
  • Determination if any additional refreshment training (MET, Pilot Briefing, technical) is recommended for certified FISO/AFISO.

We ask for volunteers who will devote their time and get involved in the working group. January 15th, 2018, we plan a teleconference which will formally establish further co-operation rules and share responsibilities among members of the working group.

Please use dedicated topic on the forum or contact us via email: vicepresident@ifisa.info


FISO Licensing Working Group ToR

FISO Licensing Working Group Survey

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