A message from our new president 2

“It is an honor to be elected as the new president of the International Flight Information Service Association (IFISA). I would like to extend my gratitude to our former president Mr. John Baldwin for his dedicated work on establishing IFISA, and his help in making IFISA recognized by various regulatory bodies.

We are entering an exciting time in our relatively short period of existence as we work to harmonize rules and procedures for both Aerodrome & Enroute Flight Information Services. My goal will be to continue expanding our influence and providing our expertise to the global regulatory agencies such as EASA and ICAO.

I am extremely pleased to work with our new executive board and would like to thank each one of them for taking on the responsibility of IFISA. The board represents countries from around the world proving IFISA as a truly international organization. It is important that we continue to establish contacts with other Professional Staff Organizations like IFATCA, IFATSEA and IFAIMA and we look forward to increasing collaboration with all of them.”

/IFISA President

Mikkel Drescher

You can read more about Mikkel and the rest of the board in the about us section. It is currently being updated and more details will be added later. 

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2 thoughts on “A message from our new president

  • Canada

    I’d like to join Paul Brown in congratulating you and the new Executive Board of IFISA and offer my thanks for taking on this important responsibility. You bring a new energy to the organization along with your network of contacts in the aviation field. My best wishes to you and the entire EB. The future of IFISA is in good hands.
    John Baldwin