IFISA executive comittee

The executive committee comprises of:

Paul Brown – IFISA President
United Kingdom
Chairman – Association of UK FISO’s (AUKFISO)

Paul has been a qualified AFISO since 1998 and as a local AFIS examiner since 2003.
Working as an AFISO at Cotswold Airport (Kemble) EGBP since 2001 and has also provided an AFIS service at numerous aviation special events/airshows across the UK, and overseas including as far as New Zealand over the years, Paul has a pretty unique first hand grasp of how the AFISO services across the globe work!
Paul founded the UK Association of FISO’s (AUKFISO) in 2010 and was voted in as the chairman of this association during its formal foundation in 2011.
AUKFISO under Paul’s leadership became the official working group for all AFIS/FIS related issues with the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in 2012. The Civil Aviation Authority has stated that “the vehicle for industry/CAA interface is the FISO Association”. In mid-September 2016, Paul announced that he was stepping down from AUKFISO in 2017 to dedicate more time to IFISA.
Paul has attended most of the FISO seminars which were organised by Entry Point North, and during the visits to Malmo Sweden, Paul has forged many strong ties with FISO professionals from across the world and on the back of this, the International Flight Information Service Association (IFISA) was born.
Through experiences in providing AFIS over many years, and the knowledge of both UK and European regulations with regard to aerodrome and air traffic services, Paul’s knowledgebase has put him in a strong positon to head both the UK and International associations.
Although young in ATS terms, IFISA is progressing quickly under Paul’s leadership and the organisation is already making a big noise on the international stage after a relatively short period of time.


  • 25 years experience in airshows (from commentary to Flying Display Director) and special events in the UK, UAE, NZ Events including the early Red Bull Air Races both in the UK & USA
  • ATC Engineer responsible for the British F1 Grand Prix heliport temporary ATC unit installation for 14 years.
  • Ground Air Radio operator since 1989
  • AFISO since 1998
  • Local Validation Examiner for AFIS since 2003
  • Founder Association of UK FISO’s (AUKFISO) 2011
  • Founder International Flight Information Service Association (IFISA) 2015

Contact Paul at: President@ifisa.info


John Baldwin – IFISA Vice-President
President  – Air Traffic Specialists Association of Canada (ATSAC)

John started off pursuing a career in aviation when he entered the Confederation College Aviation Program in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He was hired by Transport Canada (TC) who was responsible for the Air Navigation System (ANS) and graduated from the Transport Canada Training Institute in 1983. His first posting was to Alberta at the Red Deer Flight Service Station (FSS) for initial qualification. Over his career he has worked as an FSS in the Yukon, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. In 1996, John left TC when ANS was privatized and joined NAV CANADA. He left his operational position in Kenora FSS where he held the position of Team Supervisor to work for the Air Traffic Specialists Association of Canada (ATSAC) in 2012. He has also completed the Aviation Weather Briefing Services course and has been an On-Job-Instructor for several decades.

As a private pilot with 1400 hours, he routinely utilizes the air navigation system. He has attended training with the Air Boss Association of Canada, and was the Air Boss at the 2013 Kenora Air Show.

In his current position as President of ATSAC, he is responsible for representing FSS working for NAV CANADA. Duties include exercising supervision over the affairs of ATSAC, negotiating collective agreements, overseeing labour relation activities, and promoting aviation safety both nationally and internationally.

John committed ATSAC to participate globally and also received NAV CANADA’s commitment to attend the 2015 EPN FISO seminar. It was at this seminar where IFISA officially began, giving voice to the international FIS community


  • 32 years’ experience as a Flight Service Specialist (FSS) in various locations in Canada FSS Team Supervisor for 10 years beginning in 2002
  • Certified On Job Instructor
  • Completed the Instructional Methods Course for classroom training
  • Private fixed wing pilot with 1400 hours
  • Airboss – 2013 Kenora Air Show
  • President of the Air Traffic Specialist Association of Canada (ATSAC)

Contact John at: vicepresident@ifisa.info

Sofi Wadjsö – IFISA Secretary
Training specialist, development specialist and project manager at EPN international aviation academy.

Sofi has worked within ATS since 1999. In her work at Entry Point North AB (international aviation academy) she has developed and conducted training for AFIS and FISO. Sofi has been the one of the hosts of the annual international AFIS (later FISO) seminars since they started in 2009. In this work she has acquired many international contacts and has gathered lots of knowledge of the diverse world of FIS. She has been consulted as international FIS expert by EASA.

Sofi has worked within non-profit organisations since childhood and has lots of experience of executive board membership and secretary duties.

Sofi was a driving force in establishing IFISA.


  • 1997, Air traffic controller training at SATSA
  • 1999, ATCO assistant Malmö ATCC
  • 2000, Watch supervisor support, Malmö ATCC
  • 2004, Flight Data Operator Malmö ATCC
  • 2006 – present, Training specialist at Entry Point North AB with speciality in FIS training.
  • Several years experience as president of local union club at Malmö ATCC and several more as secretary of national union for ATCO and FIS personnel.

Contact Sofi at: Secretary@ifisa.info

Jonas Nordmo Myhre – IFISA Treasurer
NTL Luftfarten

  • AFISO Since 2010 at Rørvik Airport (ENRM)
  • Deputy Board member of NTL Luftfarten, and Head of AFIS Committee of NTL Luftfarten, both since 2014

Contact Jonas at: Treasurer@ifisa.info

Magdalena Rekść-Kopyłowicz – IFISA board member


Flight Information Service Officer, ATM specialist and  Aeroclub and Airport Director, Gansk, Poland.

Magdalena has started her adventure with aviation in 2001 when she got her privet pilot license. Through all those years she expanded her knowledge by studying aviation management in the US at Hampton University, working as the director of GA aeroclub airport in Olsztyn (EPOD), and since 2007 working in the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, initially in the airspace management office. Since 2010 as en-route FIS. During this time she had the opportunity to organize air shows, provide projects regarding airfield modernisations, participate in many aviation conferences, training and other projects of national and international range. She is well skilled in organisation of all possible events. On free time she teaches Aviation Regulation at aviation school in Warsaw.
She regularly publishes to the biggest Polish Aviation Revenue magazine (PLAR) writing on General Aviation and FIS topics.


  • Until full certification as an FIS Officer in 2013, work as FISO assistant, since 2013 FIS Officer at Gdansk sector,
  • Coordination Ground to AIR, Ground to Ground of:
    – all possible fight within G airspace from GND until FL95,
    – between civil and military units, FUA airspace,
    – SAR actions, HEMS, POLICE, HEAD, etc flights,
    – ATC, next FIR’s, FIS sectors
    – military and civil exercises,
    – providing RIS, ALRT, FIS service

Contact Magda at: magda@ifisa.info

Slawomir Balazy – IFISA Board member



Contact Slawomir at: slawomir@ifisa.info